Cancellation Policy


As part of booking you agree to this cancellation policy.  If you do not agree you you have 24 hours from booking to cancel your booking and receive a full refund.  If you continue with your booking after the first 24 hours, you agree in full to this cancellation policy including:

1. After the first 24 hours from booking all cancellations will result in a minimum 4% forfeiture of your deposit as a cancellation fee. 
2.  You agree that cancellations to your booking must be done more than a week prior to arrival to receive a 96% refund of your deposit.  
3.  You further agree that cancellations within seven (7) days of arrival day will result in the loss of your deposit in full as a cancellation fee.  No changes to your booking are permitted in this 7 days except for the addition of extra nights.  
4.  You also agree that there are no refunds or credits for any cancellations after check in for any reason.